Pro-form Technologies, Inc., was established in May of 1991 with a two-fold purpose:  1) manufacturing durable,
quality, value-added products from recycled plastic and 2) providing quality, cost effective custom thermoforming

Our first product, the Pro-liner,
was a successful example of our goal to produce quality products from recycled
resin.  The Pro-liner is a rigid, molded, cargo area liner for many of today's vehicles.

  1. We have taken a disposable one-use material and made a product with a multi-year life.
  2. Each liner uses approximately 10 pounds of HDPE:  that's a lot of bags and bottles!
  3. We have a product that is scalable.  We have targeted large markets. The auto industry and industrial spill
    containment industry have the capacity to consume large quantities of product.

Yearly production of SUV's, mini vans, cross-overs, and sedans that our liners fit is in the millions of  vehicles.  With
the average price of these vehicles in the $20,000 - $30,000 range, the Pro-liner represents an inexpensive means
to protect the appearance and value of those vehicles.  The Pro-liner protects the vehicle when carrying any of the
following: lawn and garden supplies, outdoor equipment, sports gear, beach supplies, tools, etc.  This translates
into a constant, positive consumer reaction:
'The Pro-liner is protecting my vehicle while protecting the

The Pro-liner has been featured on CNN, WTVT (a Tampa CBS affiliate), and in Parade Magazine.  Additionally, a
number of newspapers, auto, industrial, hobbyist, and environmental journals have also printed stories on the Pro-
liner:  Dog World, Horse Illustrated, Auto Age - Dealer Business, SEMA News, Motor World's Light Truck and Van
Buyer's Guide, Trucking Times & Sport Utility News, Trailer Life, Sarasota Herald Tribune, Bradenton Herald,
Chilton's Automotive Body Repair News, Plastics News, Waste Age's Recycling Times, Georgia Recycling
Coalition newsletter, and the South Carolina Recycling Coalition newsletter.

Another fertile market for the Pro-liner has been industrial spill containment.  We have found applications in both
the public and private sectors.  
This is a terrific example of a recycled product being used for environmental
.  The Pro-liner fulfills recycled product mandates and meets Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
requirements.  In fact, an environmental officer at Fort Gordon army base received a commendation for his use of
the Pro-liner for fuel can storage during field maneuvers, resulting in environmental clean up being reduced by

The Pro-liner spill containment trays are being used in a variety of industries including:  paint manufacturing,
shipping terminals, roofing companies, battery manufacturers, utility companies parts storage, oil drilling
construction and the printing industry.

Our manufacturing process represents a good example of responsible business practices.  We produce no
hazardous emissions, generate no solid waste, and require no water for manufacturing.

Our constant goal in custom thermoforming is to provide "
Excellence in Plastics".  We strive with every project to
provide that excellence in every step.  We do not wish to simply be a "Parts Supplier", but a manufacturing partner
from product development to cost containment.  

Our custom parts are being used in a variety of industries including:  medical, construction, retail, oil, water
purification, packaging machinery and food service.

We look forward to working with you to make your next project a success!
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