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The                             spill containment trays:

Contain leaks and drips from fluid drums,
motors, generators and other small machinery

Chemical resistant, durable and rigid

Withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 150 degrees  F

Available in 5 sizes                                                                 Fluid Containment                        Weight

                                   10906        37.5" x 34"                                23 gal                                    6.0 lbs

                                   10907        48" x 23.5"                                20 gal                                    5.5 lbs

                                   10911        46" x 16"                                   12 gal                                    3.5 lbs

                                   10915        48" x 33"                                   29 gal                                    7.5 lbs

                                   10919        38" x 26"                                   20 gal                                    4.5 lbs

Currently used by several Military Bases for spill containment in the field and at the base
A major "Fast Shipping" company uses our liners in several of their terminals for conveyor belt protection
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