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Below is a sampling of what our customers have to say about our products:

After using one of your Pro-liners in my Chevy Tahoe, I just wanted to let you know how
useful the liner to be.  It has saved me much clean up and possible carpet damage.  
When hauling gardening supplies and tools, the mess stayed in the liner and all I had to
do was slide it out and hose it off.

K. F.
Scottsdale, AZ

I received the Pro-liner on Friday afternoon and it worked wonderfully for transporting
plants for our garden on Saturday.  Thank you!!

Via email

I wanted to let you now that I received my new Pro-liner yesterday.  This is my second
Pro-liner and I wouldn't be caught without it!  I purchased a Pro-liner for my 1993 Ford
Explorer and it was the best investment I ever made.  The Pro-liner withstood two houses
worth of rock, concrete, brick, fertilizer, plants, furniture and motor oil.  Six years later the
Pro-liner and the cargo area of my Explorer still looked brand new.  I recently traded my
explorer for a mini-van and thanks in part to the Pro-liner I received top dollar for my trade.
 I was so impressed with the performance of my first Pro-liner, that I immediately ordered
one for my new van.

S. M.
Via email

This is just a short note to let you know how happy I have been with my SUV bed liner.  It
has worked out wonderful.  I have spilled oil in it, supported heavy metal tools, and in
general, totally abused it.

I would recommend the Pro-form Pro-liner to anyone needing total protection for the bed
of their SUV.  Mine has lasted so well that I now have it in my second vehicle since I got
the first liner.  The material that you make these out of seems to last forever and it still
looks great!

E. S.
Sarasota, FL

While serving as the Environmental Compliance Coordinator for the 63D Signal
Battalion, located at Ft. Gordon, GA, Pro-form's products proved to be invaluable.  We
were able to inform Pro-form of our needs and received prompt and professional service.
 Pro-form was able to provide us with a product that was designed as a liner for an SUV
that worked well for us.  We chose Pro-form's product for use as a secondary container
for fuel cans for use in both field and garrison environments.  After receiving the
containers we found they also worked well as drip pans.  They were used under tactical
trucks and power generator equipment to catch any fuel or oil products that may have

Pro-form's liner is part of an approved suggestion in the Ft. Gordon suggestion program.  
The idea has been forwarded to the Department of the Army for consideration at that
level.  The Pro-liner was selected for inclusion in this suggestion for several reasons.  
First, it was already being used within the Battalion.  Second, the price of the product was
with the best found during research for the suggestion.  Third, the proven durability of the
pans that were in use more than met the requirements for the program being developed.

The products purchased from Pro-form have continued to serve the Battalion well and
are expected to continue as part of our environmental program in the future.

J. B.
SFC  U.S. Army